This wine comes from old hillside vineyards in the municipality of Gavi. When one does a job with passion and the desire to enhance the heritage at one's disposal by trying to make the best of it, the choices resulting from the decisions one makes do not always have an exclusively economic objective. An example is this wine, given the choice to keep alive, with very high processing costs in the face of low yields, a vineyard over 80 years old. This vineyard is an exceptional historical and genetic heritage. "Rovereto" is the name of the hamlet where the winery's center lies, and all around it are vineyards and durmast woods, once even more impressive, from which the area takes its name. In addition to the old age of the vineyards, the particular composition of the soil, the exposure of the vineyards in this area, and the exceptional microclimate created by the very presence of the woods give Rovereto Gavi DOCG di Gavi "Vignavecchia" such unique organoleptic characteristics. 


The grapes are left to macerate for many hours at a low temperature, followed by a soft pressing. Fermentation, always at a controlled temperature, 18-20° C. to maintain the typical richness of Cortese di Gavi's aromas), continues very slowly for up to 20 days. In spring, it is bottled and left to age in the bottle for 12 months before release for consumption.


While it is charming from the very firs tasting, it increases its enjoyability and pleasantness in subsequent years. Properly stored, it retains its characteristics for several years.


September 15-September 30 2kg per plant and 66 ql/Ha 


Alcohol 12.5% vol Total acidity 5.2 g/l