The history of Castellari Bergaglio coincides with the path of a family that began to dedicate itself to the production of wine in the late 1800s. The company's goal has consistently been producing wines with unmistakable characteristics that can be traced back to a particular territory. Castellari Bergaglio has constantly focused all its attention on the Cortese vine, the wine/vine symbol of the Gavi production area.



Everything begins with a shared passion, an interweaving of excellence that interprets the future under the aegis of quality. In the heart of the Gavi hills, two wine histories merge under the banner of a shared passion for 'absolute' quality. It is from the union of two excellences, La Polastra and Castellari Bergaglio, that a new adventure begins with the CASTELLARI BERGAGLIO brand, where the love for terroir, harvest, and good wine will continue to flow through the generations.

Polastra has deep roots dating back five hundred years, when Claudio Andrea Gemme's great-great-grandfathers, Giuseppe and Carlo, mercenary soldiers of fortune, fell in love with Gavi on their return home. They planted the first vineyards, giving birth to varieties such as Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, and the renowned "Cortese," the emblem of Gavi wine today.

The "CASTELLARI BERGAGLIO" Brand continues its navigation along the routes of viticultural excellence based on the strength of four generations' success in the markets. The wines of La Polastra will continue their growth, enriching the range of CASTELLARI BERGAGLIO products, already endowed with international renown thanks to the refined diversification resulting from different but complementary terroirs. The magical encounter between Silvia, Claudio Andrea Gemme, and Marco Bergaglio also seals a crucial strategic alliance founded on the pursuit of perfection and inspired by the vineyards located on two opposite hills, both caressed by the sea breezes of neighboring Liguria in Rovereto di Gavi and Capriata D'Orba, where the Cortese grape variety expresses its organoleptic qualities to the fullest.

"CASTELLARI BERGAGLIO" intends to give continuity to projects born many years ago, based on shared winemaking histories and traditions that will make the brand shine even brighter in the Italian and global markets, carrying on a legacy of unique experiences. President Claudio Andrea Gemme, an experienced guide and forward-thinking manager, is entrusted with the management and running of the winery are assigned to President Claudio Andrea Gemme, a professional guide and forward-thinking manager. Silvia and Marco will support him with their undisputed winemaking experience.



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