We named this wine "Pilin" to honor one of our ancestors. Pilin was the nickname by which he was known in Gavi. He passed on to the next generations the desire to work on the enhancement of our land through the production of wine. That is why we proudly named our most challenging wine after him. We select grapes for Pilin's production within all the winery's vineyards. With almost maniacal care and attention, we operate the selection of the best bunches, the healthiest and ripest ones, to place them in small wooden boxes where they undergo a light drying process of 30-40 days. This operation gives the wine the characteristics suitable for vinification and aging in barriques. Since we began its production in 1984, Pilin has become more and more renowned. 


After drying in crates for 30-40 days, the grapes undergo a soft pressing to extract only the best part. Then, there is separation from the first sedimentation and then fermentation. At this point, the fermenting must be transferred to barrels where it completes both alcoholic and malolactic fermentation and where it remains without further racking until the following September.
At the end of this time, a racking and light clarification precede cold stabilization and bottling. Release for consumption will follow only after two years of bottle aging when the wine reaches a reasonable degree of maturity and balance. 


From the third year after harvest, this wine begins its journey of greater enjoyment, which will last for many years. Cortese di Gavi is a versatile grape variety that can yield both ready-to-drink and complex wines that become more pleasant with time.


September 15-September 30 2kg per plant and 66 ql/Ha


Alcohol 13% vol Total acidity 5.4 g/l